Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day #82 - Picture #82

In Serious Trouble **see 365 Blog for why.

So tonight was not a good night for Garrett. After being spanked, and his punishment being given, he wasn't really left with a whole lot of things to do....no tv, and nothing whatsoever electronic for a month....After some time, I didn't hear anything coming from his room (usually I hear a game, or him making sound effects/noises while playing his games, or the tv), but I didn't hear anything, so I went to check on him....and this is where I found him...sitting on the couch reading one of his AR books...when I saw this, I knew that he really knew this time that he was in deep trouble and this was a serious issue.....he did come to me a little later an asked if him and I could do something "fun" together, so we play Cadoo until bathtime...

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