Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day #77 - Picture #77

No Solicitors Please!

Okay, so Richie and I aren't married anymore, but I am at his house at least 5 out of the 7 days a week, every week. We share custody of Garrett and have an arrangement amongst ourselves, that if it isn't our day, we still make it a point to let the other parent see Garrett on that day....

With that being said, that brings me to the reason for today's picture. This is the note on Richie's front door! The solicitors in the neighborhood are in full force constantly and this sign was put up to keep them away....we've always picked at him about it (even while we were married), but nevertheless, he has kept it there....I personally didn't think it worked because they still rang the door bell..and just claimed (even though it's front and center) that they didn't see it!! Well I guess it does work after I was leaving Richie's house today, there were some ladies walking past the house, who apparently must've come to the door and saw the sign, and left....but let me tell you, as soon as they saw me come out of the door and walk to the car, they were immediately heading back towards me...I just smiled, said no thank you, and that I didn't live there....I then got in my car, got my camera, and went back to the front door and took this picture, with Richie having no idea whatsoever as to what was happening outside in his front yard.....I will say this though, that at least for the day, his sign actually DID work!

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