Friday, March 6, 2009

Day #64 - Picture #64

Times....They are a Changin'

Okay, since Garrett got a Wii for his birthday almost two weeks ago, his computer has seen like literally no use at all. He went from walking straight in the door and going to his computer, to now, going straight to the Wii. And even though we knew he could play his Gamecube games on the Wii, I had yet to figure out where to put the controller until once I figured that out, then out came the Gamecube games. I think I made the right decision by going with the Wii, instead of the other systems out there now. And I will have to admit, that I've played my share of baseball and bowling already. And the fact that we're playing "together" makes me happy, as well as Garrett happy, and quality family time is always a plus in my book....Here's my little goofball lounging in his beanbag and finishing off my twizzlers...just enjoying life and his new Wii.

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