Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can't Believe I Got Sick This Time....

...but I did!! And terribly, terribly sick too I might add!! I started not feeling so well on Sunday evening, and by Monday the vomiting and fever started, as well as the other stuff (won't elaberate on the details LOL)...well, here is is Thursday, and I managed to go to work today....or at least attempted to this morning....I went in at 8:00 (no make up and wearing my glasses (real cute I tell ya)), but only lasted an hour...I came home went to bed for awhile, ate an apple and managed to go back in at 11:15 and make it the rest of the day! Woo Hoo! I am feeling sooo much better, but I still have this nasty lingering headache....but now that I'm able to drink something, I'm handling it with lots and lots of caffiene, as I know that the "lack of" caffiene is probably the reason for the headache in the first place.

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