Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day #87 - Picture #87

First Canoe Ride

Richie took Garrett fishing today in the canoe...he takes him fishing fairly often, but today was the first time that he's ever been in a canoe...and apparently he absolutely loved it, because as they were driving home, Garrett called me to tell me all about it...and of course, Richie is really good about taking pictures for me!! So of course Garrett wanted me to see the pictures of him in the canoe, his "big fish" that he caught, and the snapping turtle that his dad turned out awesome, and I immediately borrowed Richies camera and uploaded them to my computer....needless to say, Garrett is definitely enjoying some father/son/outdoor time this kudos to Richie!

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Sandee said...

Kudos to both of you for maintaining a kind relationship for Garrett. You are amazing! Cute pic....just look at that smile, it says it all, doesn't it?