Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day #73 - Picture #73

My Baby Girl is 21 Today

Even though I know it's a fact, it's still really hard for me to comprehend that Jackie is actually 21 today! WOW! Where on Earth does the time go?? Luckily for me, she's home on Spring Break and we were able to celebrate together at Tripp's (where she works) for a late afternoon lunch! And of course, with it being her "21st" Birthday and all, she of course had to have her first "legal" alcoholic beverage. Her drink of choice was called the Lava Flow....funny thing is, we each drank several sips of it, liked it at the beginning, then neither one of us liked it at all....I don't think that between the two of us we even drank half the drink....within a half hour, we were both feeling kinda sick, and both with headaches.....we are soooo not drinkers. Lesson learned for me, but hey, at least I was there to share in this once in a "Life Time" event....her first drink at 21, not to mention the yummy Strawberry Cheesecake!


Sandee said...

Jackie is beautiful! Wow! And that photo of you is great. I love your hair cut. How proud you must be of her. What is she majoring in at school??

Tammy Folk said...

Not real sure on the details, but she says it's Public Policy....did I mention that she went to UNC? I am indeed, very proud of her!!