Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day #69 - Picture #69

**No Picture for Today**

I was to sick to crawl out of bed today, much less to take a picture.....will probably take an extra this weekend to make up for it! LOL

**Edit with Picture! LOL
American Idol

So I was sick, sick, sick today, and didn't take a picture, but Shawn and I did watch American Idol this evening. Even though it was after 10 when we started watching it (love that DVR), it is something that we look forward too watching every week. I never really watched this show until I met him, and became quickly addicted, even going so far as to voting over 200+ times tonight for Kris Allen. Anyways, this is our show (as well as Survivor), and neither one of us will watch it until the other person can sit down and watch it with's our thing! And tonight Jackie was over and watched it with us! Plus tonight was the first night that all thirteen of the contestants were going to perform....and we three at home became our own judges, with our own comments and such....wonder who'll go home tomorrow??

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Sandee said...

You are too funny. I've never seen even one act from "American Idol"....guess it's because I don't really like music that much. Jack had never seen it either. We used to watch "Survivor" but I ran out of time in the evenings so I gave that one up to be in my sewing room. (Netflix takes one night a week now so I budgeting spare time is getting tough!) :0)