Monday, March 16, 2009

Day #74 - Picture #74

Garrett Revisiting His Toddlerhood

When Richie brought Garrett home tonight, he also brought with him some of Garrett’s toys from when he was much younger. When we originally separated, I didn’t have much space, so lots of Garrett’s toys got left at his dad’s house. Now Richie and Garrett are finally getting around to cleaning Garrett’s room and he’s bringing me things that he knows I either bought, or wanted to keep…..this Geo Trax train set is one of those particular toys….no sooner had Garrett got in the door this evening, he was in the living room setting it up….he’d forgotten about the train, and was completely thrilled to be able to play with it again….nothing like revisiting your toddler-hood on occasion.

**please overlook the gallon of water on the shelf - we do our ironing in the living room and I forgot to put the water away….my bad! LOL

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