Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day #75 - Picture #75

Pepsi Products on Sale

Okay I admit it, we go through a ton of soda at my house...really we do. Whenever I find it on sale, I tend to buy it in bulk. This week Food Lion is selling them at 3/$9.00 and get one 12pk for free....can't beat that. I'll probably run over there tomorrow at lunch time, and get 4 more as the sale ends tomorrow...not to mention, next week that same 12pk will probably be back up to $4.69 each , and how crazy is that?? I refuse to buy it at that cost when I know I can get the deal that I got today eventually....now to go pour a nice cold glass of diet pepsi and get comfy.

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Amy said...

I buy the pepsis on sale like that too for Clay's lunches.