Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Date Night with Garrett - His Treat

So most anyone that knows us, knows that G's favorite place to eat is Olive Garden...and the only thing that he'll eat there is the salad. Only the salad and nothing more. Garrett usually has two bowls of salad brought out to him during each visit, just for him, with only the lettuce, the dressing and lots and lots of cheese. I think typically he gets about 4 bowls of salad from the two larger bowls that they bring out to him....and let's just say, the waitresses love him. I'd say I take him there at least once a week, and they know when we walk in, what he's going to be ordering! Well Santa decided to bring G a gift card to Olive Garden and he couldn't wait to go...ever since he got home on Sunday he's been begging to go and I finally caved today...
He was so sweet.....the bill only came to a little over $17 dollars, and Garrett gave the waitress his card. She brought it back to him with the receipt and asked him to sign it for her....he even gave her the remaining funds on the card ($7 and some change) as her tip. He said she did a really good job and she deserved it. I got treated to dinner because he said that I was the best. mom . EVER and that he loved me! Awwweeee. He's too stinkin' cute!

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