Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So I finally finished the book this weekend (probably the first book in about 2 years that I've read). It took me a little less than two weeks to finish it too, not that I couldn't have sat down and read it in two days, it was more of a lack of time thing, more than anything else. I took that book with me everywhere and squeezed a page or two in wherever I could (and yes, I even took it to the bathroom with me a few times..LOL!). I fried bacon and read it, I watched tv and read it, I even tried reading it in the car (and lord knows that wasn't a wise thing for me to do)...Needless to say, I finally finished it! For me reading it was a “see what the fuss is all about” type thing….Not that I don’t like vampire stories, cuz I do (love Anne Rice), but I was a little late getting on the band wagon with this one…..I actually sat down one day recently and watched Twilight on pay-per-view, and then rewatched it, and then watched it for a third time! I liked it…actually, I liked it a lot….so once I read the book, I had faces to put with the characters, and once I realized the book was almost exactly like the movie, I slowed down with my reading..I didn’t want it to end….so I drug it out for as long as I could possibly stand it! Now I need to take my happy hiney to and get New Moon….looks like it’s gonna be a good one too!

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Amy said...

You might as well get all the last 3 because you KNOW you will have to read them ALL!