Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day #131 - Picture #131 (Monday)

Playing Cards

Ever since our trip to Pennsylvania last month, Shawn and I have been playing cards again. We used to play together quite often, but due to his crazy work schedule, lots of our "fun things to do" things were kinda shoved to the back burner. Here recently though, we've been making an effort to do some of those things again...As for the games themselves, I'm only really confident enough to play Rummy and 31. Tonight we played both, and I pretty much kicked butt tonight....hence, my picture for the day! I won for a change! LOL

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Sandee said...

Way cool. Jack and I try and play Gin Rummy or Cribbage every day. One of us will get on a winning streak now and then that just cannot be broken!