Monday, May 11, 2009

Day #128 - Picture #128 (Friday)

Lunch with Garrett – Plan B

Today Shawn and I had made plans to have lunch with Garrett. I stopped by McDonald’s to get him a Happy Meal, went to the apartment and picked up Shawn, and then we headed to the school. We went to the office and checked in, and then walked to Garrett’s classroom. So far, so good, right? WRONG!
When we get to his class, it’s dark in there, and they don’t even look like they’re getting ready for lunch, and Shawn and I got there right about on time….so we waited outside a few minutes, and then Garrett saw me and came outside practically crying. Apparently they were getting ready to leave on a field trip (completely slipped my mind), and had taken lunch a hour earlier than normal…so Garrett was upset that he missed lunch with me. Ms. Pownall apologized as Garrett did tell her that I was coming, but she got sidetracked and forgot to call me and tell me about the change in time. So Shawn and I are there with food, and Garrett is crying at this point (not boo –hooing, but sad crying), and wants to have lunch with me. And of course, I’m on my lunch hour, and I can’t go on the field trip with him, and even if we had wanted to go, there were no extra tickets to be had. Besides, Garrett didn’t even want to go see Swan Lake, and his class was leaving right THEN! So, what’s a mom to do? That’s right, take him home and have lunch with him there…..luckily Shawn was off today and could watch him when I went back to work. Everyone was now happy, and to quote Garrett “Happy Meals make me Happy! That’s what he told me, and that made me happy!

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