Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day #126 - Picture #126 (Wednesday)

Shawn Scrapping with Me!!

There was a time several months ago when I convinced Shawn to scrapbook with me (but it was short lived due to his busy work schedule).... Here lately he's heard me numerous times complaining about wanting to scrapbook, but never actually doing it (mostly lack of the creative mojo). Well tonight, with his participation, we both actually sat down for about an hour to scrap. It was really good for me to sit down and accomplish something "scrap" related for a change, and have great company at the same time. I had forgotten how fun it was to have someone to scrap with...hopefully we'll get another chance again soon to finish those layouts that we started!

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Sandee said...

You better hold onto that guy! That picture is priceless!!!