Saturday, May 23, 2009

Economic Stimulus Plan

Wanna have some fun this June? Well come on over to Live Imagine Create and join in on our Contest!!

“Economic Savings Plan”
Using your Stash to Save Some Green
$ Each week you will be given a list of four "stash" items to use on a layout and patterned paper. Each one of those items is worth one ballot. You DO NOT have to have all four items on the list... just use what you do have. (For example if I say brads, rubons, mesh... and you only have brads, then you would use them and in turn receive one ballot.) If you have none of the items on the list, you can use a "bailout pass", and join in again on the next weeks challenge.

$ If you use all four items plus the patterned paper by the listed manufacturer on the layout you will receive one extra weekly ballot for each week that you do.

$ The “Bailout” Pass - Each player is granted two "Bailout Passes". Which means you can miss up to two of the weekly challenges before you are disqualified. If you do not have the items on the 'Savings Plan' list, or if you've just had a particularly busy week and don't feel you will make the deadline, all you have to do is comment in that weeks challenge thread by Thursday that you are using a Bailout Pass for that week. If you fail to complete a challenge, and you don't post your desire to use a Bailout Pass by Thursday, you will automatically be eliminated.

$ Layouts must be uploaded to the gallery, and then linked back to the appropirate weeks link, by the designated due date. In your title, include which week of the challenge your layout is for. (i.e. "Your Title - challenge week 1"). In the comments area of your upload, include a list of what items you used from the "stash" list. You must also post a link in the weekly thread of your layout with the list of items you used from the “stash” list.

$ Sign Ups are open until May 30th. You must be a registered member of the forum to participate, with a minimum of 20 posts. The contest itself runs from June 1st through the week of June 29th, with challenges being posted every Monday. **Please follow instructions carefully** I will be checking each weekly layout for the items listed, if you are unclear on something, don't hesitate to ask!

$ All ballots will go into a drawing at the end of the contest, and the winning participant will receive a kit of scrapbooking supplies. Winner will be posted on Monday July 6th!

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