Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day #130 - Picture #130 (Sunday)

Mother's Day

Today was another beautiful day weather wise for us, and we spent it together. Of course we took Garrett to the funeral home to ride his scooter (that's pretty much a given when he's home), and then we all had some watermelon (thanks Richie)....I took some really good pictures of Garrett with the watermelon too! Can't wait to scrap those!
Then we met Jackie and Daniel for dinner at Golden Corral. I think it probably took us an hour just to decide where to go....but finally we decided and dinner was had by all! Afterwards, Shawn took a couple of pictures of me and my beautiful children! Today was truly a very Happy Mother's Day, and I am truly blessed to have my family! I am happy, and everything is right with the world...

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