Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day #123 - Picture #123 (Sunday)

North Carolina Zoological Park

Today we headed off to the zoo in Asheboro, just a little less than two hours away, and so well worth the drive. Garrett had a good time and the weather was extremely pleasant. Very nice day out, a little over cast and not to terribly hot!! And I think the only time I said "tram" was when it was time to actually ride it! Of course with Garrett, as long as he saw the monkeys, the alligators, the polar bears, and the penguins he was just fine....everything else was just extra! Fun was definitely had by all today.


Sandee said...

How wonderful to be just two hours away from an educational experience like a zoo. I'm with Garrett, let me stand at the polar bears for a few hours and I'm good to go.

Amy said...

Oh wow...that's OUR zoo. Did I ever tell you that we lived in Asheboro for 10 years?! We NEED to get together sometime!