Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another much needed day of rest!

Today was practically a repeat of yesterday...minus all the movies and laying in bed. I will admit to watching one Lifetime movie today, but after that, I really did turn the tv off. I actually sat down and scrapped again today...still not real happy with the final product, but it's growing on me. I had made a vow not to buy any new supplies until I used up what I this is the final product. I know the title looks a tad crooked, but it's been fixed since scanning...hey jackie, remember this picture of you?? I even sat down and chatted with my friend Gnell today. It was really nice to have that opportunity too. Seems Shawn is going to be working ungodly hours between now and Christmas and I'm gonna be having lots of time on my Jackie, lots of Jackie and Mommy time, and Gnell, I'll be more than happy to help you get your stuff set up, just gotta let me know!

When Richie brought Garrett home tonight, the first thing that Garrett wanted to do was play Guess Who, so needless to say I had my butt kicked at least ten times if not more...had to literally say I'm done playing. The boy could play this game for hours....**note to self, invest in some different board games. Then we made a trip to Food Lion for a few groceries and home to cook dinner. Fun! Fun!

Now I've got Garrett in bed, Shawn home, clothes ironed for tomorrow, and I'm getting ready to spend a little quality time with Shawn before we head off to bed.

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Babydoll said...

I love this layout!! The bright colors are awesome!