Monday, April 20, 2009

Life, as I know it....

will be getting back to normal today!

We arrived home last night from our vacation in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. We had a really great time while we were gone. Poor Shawn though, got home last Tuesday am around 2:00 (after an all day travel home) and we were on the rode by 7:00 am that same morning on our way to PA. Not even 2 hours after arriving at his mom & dad's house, he was sleeping...isn't he sooo cute!

It was really nice to get away and see his family. Very wonderful people, who make me feel like part of their family!

I even got to visit two scrapbooking stores while I was there, one in Williamsport, PA, called Scrap-in with Kat and the other one, Scrapbook Cottage in Montoursville, PA....I really loved this because they both carried things that the scrapbooking store here in Fayetteville doesn't carry, not to mention, Shawn was buying! How cool is that! It really is a great feeling to have a man in your life that appreciates your hobby, and supports you completely with it!

Today things get back to normal...Shawn is back home, and goes to work this evening, and Garrett went back to school this morning (after having three weeks off), and I of course, had to go back to work...

Will post vacation pictures tonight....can't wait to share!

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