Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day #107 - Picture #107

the Vol-cone-o

Today was another day filled with lots of things to do...like going to Mr. Sticky's for Homemade Sticky Buns for breakfast, then taking Garrett and Tyler to Montoursville to get haircuts at the same place that Shawn got them when he used to live there...then we went to pick up Gram and took her to Friendly's for ice cream....this is where this picture for today comes in!
On our way to PA, we stopped at a Friendly's for lunch. The first time Garrett and I had ever been to one, but we were in a hurry and just ate lunch, no ice cream....but Garrett saw the ad for the Vol-cone-o and just had to have one, so we promised him that while we were home, we would take him to Friendly's and get him one! I mean he literally talked about this thing for hours on end....so he got one...played with it more than he ate it, but hey...what can you do right?? Build Your Own Adventure Sundaes. Kids get to choose their favorite flavors and three toppings to build three new imaginative sundaes: Vol-Cone-o, Cone-y the Clown, and the Alien Invader!

Later in the day, we went to Loyalsock Creek in Montoursville to look for crayfish, something we do every visit...this time it was still a little too cold and there were no crayfish to be found...then back to Nanny & Pappy's for dinner, and playing outside - a bean bag game called Corn Hole...we had another fun filled day of activities....

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Sandee said...

I'll tell you what, those look more like toys than dessert to me. I think I'd spend some time playing prior to melting too! What fun!!