Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day #115 - Picture #115 (Saturday)

Is it Summer? Or is it Spring??

I swear it is sooo hot today! I was out running errands today, and as I sat at the dreaded stoplight of mine (previous pic of the day), I saw 90 degrees on the Coffman Commons the time I actually drove over there, got my camera out, and actually took the picture, it had changed to 88 degrees.....but heck 88 degrees is still HOT and I was standing there sweating!! And here I thought it was still early Spring!!

Todays high is 91, and it's expected to be the same tomorrow!


Sandee said...

OMG.....send some of that weather our way!

Lance's Project 365 said...

Tell me about it. We got to 98 last week.