Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doctor Visit

Today I had to take Garrett to the doctor for a prescription re-evaluation…which we typically do about every 3/6 months depending on which medications he’s taking at the time…The pediatricians office that he’s been going to since birth just recently merged with another and have now moved and changed names, but luckily for us, our particular pediatrician chose to go into practice for himself….I was torn between going with the old office, or going with Dr. Sy. Dr Sy has been with the other practice since Garrett was born and has been the one to see him 85% of the time…and trust me, with his allergies, his ear issues, and everything else he has going on, that’s been a lot of visits! Well, I chose to follow Dr. Sy to his new practice, and today was our first visit there…I took these pictures of Garrett with the Ipod patiently waiting for Dr. Sy. He looks soooo big in these pictures (but still only 46lbs)….and typically I try to take his picture at his yearly well-check physical, but today I just couldn’t resist!!

Any woo, the reason I’m posting this is to share a little story with you! Garrett is getting a cold, and while we’re in his office, he gets down from the bed and I hold his tissue while he blows his nose….and hard! To the extent that he said his ears popped, and he said “owww”…once finished he climbed back up on the bed and Dr. Sy begins to examine him. When he looks into Garrett’s right ear, the same right ear that Garrett had just grabbed and said “owww” to, he said “Oh My. What’s in there”….and after some effort he proceeds to pull out Christmas wrapping paper from his right ear. I swear it was GROSS!! It actually looked like an earthworm or something similar…..geez. I guess this is another one of those things that goes under the Moms of Boys Category”….and his reasoning….He had put the paper in his ear at his Christmas Concert in December (almost 2 months ago to the day)…..that paper has been there TWO MONTHS!! He said the concert was too loud and he wanted to block out some of the noise. Dr. Sy said that every time we cleaned his ear with Q-tips we were actually pushing it in further. Luckily there was no damage or infection… Dr. Sy also said that it wasn’t visible to the naked eye, so I felt a tad better….And of course, Garrett just shrugs his shoulders and says “oh yeah”, and “I forgot I put it there”….that boy is something else!!!

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bAbYbEcKy said...

oh my gosh, something I'll have to look forward to when Trev is older! lol! glad his ear was okay!!