Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day #272 - September 29, 2009

A Wedding Present from Shawn's Parents

This came in the mail yesterday from Shawns Mom & Dad and I immediately fell in love with it...and had the perfect place for it - right beside the picture of them when they were a very young couple. My only hope is that Shawn and I will continue to have the relationship that we have now, and that I can continue to look at his parents' 45+ year marriage and tell Shawn that I want what they have. Life is good for me today and I am very happy, as I celebrate eleven days now of being Mrs Shawn Patrick Folk...

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Sandee said...

Mrs.??? Mrs. you say? What the heck?! The only marriage I remember you talking about was Jackie's! OMG....congrats and share some details - or at least a photo or two!
I am so happy for both of you. You just made my day!!!!!