Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day #269 - September 26, 2009

Yesterday was a busy day...

First off, it was Shawn's 41st birthday! Happy Birthday Baby!!

Secondly, Garrett and I went to Applebee's first thing in the morning for a fundraiser that my ex-mother in law was I took a picture or two there....It was a "flapjack" type deal and you got all the pancakes, sausage and bacon that you could eat.....and I swear that Garrett probably ate about 15 slices of bacon today!
Garrett with his Uncle Steven, and his dog Holly.

Then we came home and just hung out for awhile until Shawn had to go to work....then Jackie came over for awhile, and convinced us that we needed to go downtown and watch Richie Play (my ex). He's in a Bravarian Brass Band, and they were playing during the International Folk Festival that's going on this weekend. So we headed that way, in the drizzling rain (went on all day) and went to listen for about the last half hour or so....funny thing is, they played the "chicken dance" and my "chicken" son actually decided to do it, and I didn't have my I used my cell phone.....not the greatest pictures, but hey, I at least got to document the event! He did it quite well too! I was very proud of him!

Then afterwards, Richie came to pick Garrett up, and I sat around watching movies until Shawn got off work....and since it was his birthday, I was taking him out to dinner...The guys he works with gave him a sort of surprise party and they had by the time he got to me, he wasn't very hungry, but we both managed to have a nice big salad from Ruby Tuesdays...

Nothing like getting your picture taken with a mouthful of food. Sorry Shawn! You know I love ya!
Then Shawn came home and still managed to find room for cake and ice cream...I swear, he's 41 today and is still a growing boy! LOL

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