Thursday, April 7, 2011

10 yr Check-up & Physical - Double Digits

Well even though Little Man has been 10 for over a month now, we had to wait for "the next available" appointment for his physical - April 6th, and finally the day arrived!

The appointment went well....Can't believe how much he's grown! I mean seriously, he finally made it past the 54lb mark and weighed in at 60.6lbs! How cool is that. And speaking of growth, my little man is fast approaching my height!He's up to 53-1/4" inches tall now! Wow is all I can say....My baby isn't much of a baby anymore...

...except when it come to you can see, even the prick of a finger is an ordeal, but he gets it naturally. Both his dad and I have "needle phobia"...poor G. I tried to take a good picture today, but his dad went along for the visit, and kinda gave G a hard time, so between the tears from the needle, and his dad making fun of him, this is what I got....oh well, it's still scrable!

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